Antispam Policy Antispam Policy

Antispam Policy

No unwanted group emails

The mechanics of CAN-SPAM

Can-Spam defines spam as “any electronic mail message the primary purpose of which is the commercial advertisement or promotion of a commercial product or service (including content on an Internet website operated for a commercial purpose).” It exempts “transactional or relationship messages.” The FTC has yet to clarify what “primary purpose” means; it has already delayed rule-making for this terminology. Previous state laws had used bulk (a number threshold), content (commercial), or unsolicited to define spam.
PROVOLI TRUSTED MARKETING does not send unsolicited commercial e-mail as long as it contains all of:

  1. An opt-out mechanism; (all of our email addresses are optimized out and are valid.) . Email addresses are sent an informational letter for their benefits and as far as they don’t unsubscribe from the lists they approve their interest in receiving the emails.
  2. a valid subject line and header (routing) information;
  3. the legitimate physical address of the mailer; and
  4. An informative label if the content is advertisement, special offer or coupon or something else.

The content is exempt if it consists of:

  1. religious messages;
  2. content that broadly complies with the marketing mechanisms specified in the law;
  3. national security messages.
  4. Adult content

Furthermore a user has the right to unsubscribe / subscribe automatically from our lists. You must be also informed that we also do not sell the emails addresses we collect though optimization techniques and software.